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In this project we intend to apply the techniques of social software to the aspects of writing and editing. Currently, are three projects. A main project on a Collaborative Platform to Fernando Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet editions, which includes virtual collaborative editions. The second project is on the edition of descriptions of software architectures of real systems and their collaborative transformation into a semi-structured representation of the systems. In the third project we are defining a knowledge repository for software engineering that uses an ontology to relate different web sources on software engineering topics.


Fernando Pessoa’s “Livro do Desassossego” (“Book of Disquiet”) (LdoD) book is the result of its editors choices and interpretations. LdoD is a set of Pessoa’s writings that the editors collected together in a book. The editors’ decisions were based on an analysis of the writings, considering aspects like content and style. Therefore, the existing five editions of the LdD differ in the set of selected texts and even in the facsimiles transcriptions.

In this project we intend to take advantage of social software features to foster the creation of a social edition of Pessoas’s book.

Based on the digital facsimiles of the LdoD we have implemented a collaborative archive that allows the creation of virtual editions of LdoD which consist of:

The project main challenges are the identification of the set of social software features that will promote collaboration among online readers of LdoD, software architectures for digital humanities, and collaborative editing in digital humanities.

A prototype is being implemented while the book fragments are being encoded in TEI to allow a mutual feedback between the encoding process and the tool design. This project is in collaboration with CLP of the University of Coimbra,

An open-source prototype, a collaborative archieve for LdoD, is being developed and it will soon become a full-fletched application. The source code is publicly available in a github repository,

The system is deployed at, though only authorized users can access it until it is publicly available, expected for the second quarter of 2016.

Software Architecture Analyzer

An educational platform where the students collaboratively analyse and synthesise the description of a software architecture, for instance, High Performance Networking in Chrome, and build a semi-structured description of the system, wikipedia-like, using social software features. The project focus on the knowledge gathering and pedagogical aspects of this approach.

Software Engineering Knowledge

A knowledge repository for the software engineering dicipline where external web sources are integrated with internal sources to build a learning enviroment subsumed by a set of evolving categories represented by an ontology. Both, the sources and the set of categories evolve through the interactions of the repository users.

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